Mijn Kroatië for local providers:

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Mijn Kroatië is a specialised tour operator for Dutch and Belgians travelling to Croatia and Slovenia. We started by offering Slovenia and we added Croatia to our portfolio afterwards.

We offer SMALL SCALE and AUTHENTIC accommodations, things to see and do, transfers and packages. Your offer can be a part of this.

Why joining us?

    • Our existing partners tell us our guests are nice, respectful, simply said good guests.
    • We encourage them to visit the real Croatia and not just top 3 destinations and attractions.
    • By offering easy to book extra activities at the destination, we are trying to increase the in-destination spending.
    • We take good care of our guests and providers - listen to the needs, being flexible and a reliable partner.

Most of our guests travel around Croatia and in average they visit 3-4 destinations. In each destination they stay 3 to 5 days. Except for the cyclers and hikers who move daily, but we try to convince them to travel out of high season.

Get in touch with us and send an email: providers (at) mijnslovenie.com or medeja (at) mijnslovenie.com

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